Ways to Enhance the Functionality of LCD Displays

03/04/2020 12:22
Typically displays require some kind of enhancement in order to perform well in vastly different environments. These enhancements are what enable the display to meet the unique performance requirements of the product’s industry and environment, and perform to the expectations of the products’...

Standard vs Custom Display Modules – What’s Better for Your Project?

03/04/2020 11:37
When considering a display module for your project, sooner or later you’ll have to answer the question: “Should I design around a standard module or have one customized for my application?” The question is straightforward enough, but considerations that weigh into the answer can be as varied as...

What is “liquid crystal”?

03/04/2020 11:34
  Liquid crystal is a state of matter – like liquid, solid, and gas. The term “liquid crystal” is used to denote a material that exhibits a liquid phase under certain conditions. In order to understand what differentiates a liquid crystal phase from a liquid or solid phase, it is necessary to...