0.66 inch COG+PCB OLED NVA006448A

29/01/2020 16:30

0.66 inch COG+PCB OLED NVA006448A

NVA006448A is a 0.66 inch miniature Graphic OLED which is having COG structure with PCB board, made of 64x48 pixels; with 4 metal pins on module. This module is built in with SSD1306BZ IC, it communicates via I2C interface only, supply voltage for Logic 3V, 1/48 duty cycle.

NVA006448A is a micro OLED display makes its self emitting, no backlight is required. The dimension size of PCB board is very close to this 0.66" OLED panel size which makes it easily to design on customers' applications. This module is suitable for industrial device, smart home application, portable device, health device, meter device, etc. NVA006448A module can be operating at temperatures from -40℃ to +80℃; its storage temperatures range from -40℃ to +85℃. The released emitting colors for this item is available in white; please see the below part numbers as reference.

Item-WEA006448A Dimension
Dot Matrix 64 x 48 Dots
Module dimension 19.9 x 23.1 x 2.4 mm
Active Area 13.42 x 10.06 mm
Pixel Size 0.185 x 0.185 mm
Pixel Pitch 0.210 x 0.210 mm
Display Mode Passive Matrix
Available Color White
Drive Duty 1/48 Duty
Interface I2C
Size 0.66 inch
Winstar OLED WEA006448A

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