Next Vision introduce QVGA 5,7" TFT LVDS interface

28/01/2016 16:04


Next Vision TFT NV57XX with LVDS Carrier Board

NV 5.7” TFT NV57XX is a very popular model in our TFT product line. We offer a  TFT featured with a Carrier Board with LVDS interface display module. LVDS is already common place across a variety of applications particularly in industrial and consumer markets and further adoption of LVDS in embedded applications will continue.
NV57XX has carrier board featuring LVDS (low-voltage differential signal) data interface. The module dimension is160.0 x 109.0 mm and the AA size is115.20 x 86.40 mm. This carrier board also has the POWER BOARD function as option. The users can choose FPC or cable connector for their applications.
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