Product Introduction - TFT 10,2" NV102xx with RA8875

28/01/2016 15:57


Product Introduction - TFT 10.2” NV102xx


The NV102XX is a 10.2-inch of Next Vision Display series family. The NV102XX is with RA8875 controller board plus a 36 pin-out connector on board. This model is featured with 8 bit or 16 bit options and already defined pin no. 33 ~ 36 as backlight supply; therefore, the customers no need to design extra backlight circuit. This display is with the module dimension of 235.0 x 145.8 mm and AA size of 222.0 x 132.48 mm. The key Advantages of TFT P Series are as below:

NVxx Series modules 

  • integrate a 36 pin-out connector on RA8875 controller board and all connectors are in the same direction.
  • are fit for 8 bit and 16 bit parallel interface options.
  • The pin no. 33 ~ 36 already been defined as backlight supply.
  • are built in backlight driver IC.
  • Resistive Touch Screen option is built-in on the RA8875 control board.
  • Capacitive Touch Screen option is available
  • It supports the Chinese character, backlight brightness adjustment, Flash Memory and touch panel driver.


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