What are TFT displays?

TFT displays are the answer to the limitations of multiplexing addressing. Instead of each pixel forming a capacitor and being permanently connected to the column electrodes, an active switching element is used in each pixel. The row signal is used to open and close the switch. The switching element is a thin film transistor (TFT). One side of the pixel capacitor is connected to the source of the TFT, while the other is connected to a reference voltage that is common for the entire display (Vcom). For better performance (reduced flicker) there is a storage capacitor associated with each pixel as well. TFT displays are typically addressed in a one SELECT line at a time, progressive driving scheme.

TFT arrays can address a wide variety of liquid crystal structures that, owing to the absence of multiplex addressing requirements, can be optimized for better image quality. 

You can select your TFT by key featrures: Standard Industrial, IPS (wide view angle), High Brightness, Wide Temperature, BAR


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