TFT LCD Display for Extreme Temperature for Operation in Harsh Environments

According to the popularization of display applications, the TFT LCD display have to adapt the Extreme Temperature and Different Enviroments FIRST Components/ Evervision’s Wide Temperature TFT LCD Series are designed specifically for operation in harsh environments and under changing temperature. Furthermore, we have a solution for low temperature environment. Let’s find out!

Extended Temperature Range

The LCD in cold temperatures may cause misreading because of the response time of LC (physical characteristics). It will turn slowly and make the screen overlap.  Additionally, it may cause permanent damage to the display if LCD panel left in such conditions for extended periods. 

Fortunately, ​there are a number of solution such as specialty liquid crytals (LCs) and other materials for application requiring the use of a display in extreme environmental condition. FIRST Components/ Evervision Wide Temperature TFT LCD Display overcome these challenges through the use of applied heating and cooling solutions.​

It’s suitable for applications in industry control, vehicle, outdoor products and transportation fields.

► Wide Temperature Solutions

Wide Temperature TFT LCD Series

At present, the common TFT LCD modules on the market have a wide range of definitions of -20~70 °C. For industrial control, vehicle and outdoor products, this temperature range always can’t meet the needs of such usage. 

Fortunately, our Wide Temperature TFT LCD Display can work under extreme environments with operating temperatures ranging from -30°C to +80°C, and the maximum for some models can reach 85°C. These TFT displays are full color LCDs available in industry standard sizes ranging from 3.5″ to 15.6” TFT LCD display and widely used in cold or heat condition throughout the world.

☛ QVGA:3.5″
☛ VGA:5.7″,  10.4″
☛ WVGA:4.3″,  5.0″,  6.5″,  7.0″,  8.0″
☛ HD:8.0″
☛ WQVGA:4.3″
☛ XGA:15.0″
☛ Full HD:15.6″

Glass Heater (Low Temperature Solution) 

In low temperature environment, liquid crystals will be condensed and cause the screen blanked out. In order to prevent the problem, you may need to add a Glass Heater to your TFT LCD Module.

It can optimize the LCD visual clarity and operate normally by heating up to the right temperature. With Glass Heater, displays and touch screens remain usable in cold, high humidity/low dew point environments and locations where ambient temperature can change quickly.

Our Glass Heater is designed to fulfill customer’s diverse demand such as thickness range, sizes and so on.  

► Glass Heater (Low Temperature Solution)

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