Display System Integrated Solution

Development of integrated visualization systems by optimizing and aligning the required functionalities in each application. Understanding the area of application and compliance with the product specifications are the “fundamentals” that lead towards the optimal solution. To date, several successful projects have already been carried out with customised developments in the following areas:

Communication Interface Design
CAN / RS232 / RS485 / USB…

GUI Programming

Muti-language Font

Inputs for User Interface
Custom touchscreen Membrane Switches Tact Switches Silicon Keypads

Output Interface
GPIO Contact Point Custom Display rendering of User Interface

Driver Boards PCB Custom Shape & Size

Mounting Options & Methods

  • Display Module: TFT…
  • Communication interface design: TTL/ RGB/ I2C/ SPI/ MCU/ LVDS/ MIPI-DSI/ CCIR601
  • System interfaces: Video (streaming rendering) / Control (coded image/ text rendering)
  • Display Bridge: VGA/ DVI/ HDMI/ FPD-Link III
  • Control User Interface (HMI)​
  • GUI programming
  • Multi-language font
  • Inputs for User Interface: Custom touchscreen / Membrane-Tact switches / Silicon keypads
  • Output interface: GPIO contact point / Custom display rendering of User Interface
  • Driver boards
  • Custom PCB shape and size / Assembly options and methods
  • Full Embedded solutions

Why Choose Our Display System Integration Solution?

  1. Wide range of display modules
  2. Qualified team that can support customers during the hardware and firmware design
  3. Complete service from design to production

General Process for a Display Integrated System: