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Getting to Know Display Interfaces

Next Vision Display provides thousands of model display modules, including TN/STN LCD, OLED, and TFT. And there are many types of interfaces to deliver image data to the display module. Customers may question which one is the best or can meet the requirement. This article will discuss an issue regarding the data transfer of display […]

E-Newsletter Issue No. 82. November, 2021 > Next Vision Display – SMART IoT HMI Solutions

Immense Oak Technologies (IOT) HMI solutions offer unparalleled versatility. Ubique Panel integrates major industrial control functions such as GPIO, PWM, and ADC. Ubique Panel can perform the major control functions in customer’s system. Customers can leverage Ubique Panel to shorten development time and optimize system costs. In our development platform, ADE, these control functions can […]


Acorn Development Environment A Single Tool for Design, Simulation and Deployment ___ BRIEF DESCRIPTION ADE is the ONLY HMI development tool you ever need going from design to deployment. It offers the following advantages: Free download HMI development platform Easy-to-Learn and Easy-to-Use development environment No-Code/Low-Code HMI development for faster time-to-market No compiler, driver, loader or […]


The total solution for your HMI Ubique Panel is a total solution for your HMI. It comes with the LCD Module (LCM) and our proprietary control board. Ubique Panel offers the following advantages: ___ BRIEF DESCRIPTION Only ADE is needed for designing illuminating HMIs Powerful MCU for addressing a wide range of applications Support extensive […]


Designed to replace the popular STN LCD with the advanced TFT LCD ___ Signum Panel is designed to replace the popular STN (Super-Twisted Nematic) LCD with the more popular and advanced TFT LCD. STN has become a pricy commodity as worldwide supply dries up. The lead-time and MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) requirement are edging up. […]

E-Newsletter Issue No. 79. July, 2021 > Open Frame Monitors VGA/ DVI/ HDMI signal input

Open Frame LCD Monitor series support rear or VESA mount with integrated bracket design for an easy installation. Whether your application is industrial or commercial, we offer our best service with short delivery times, flexible quantities and customized solutions: ♦ Flexible design: sizes from 10.1″ to 21.5”♦ Multiple interface: VGA/ DVI/ HDMI signal input. USB interface for capacitive touch♦ Touch panel: […]

Water Resistant Touch Panel

Capacitive Touch Work with Gloves and Water Why is water problematic for touchscreen operation? Touch screen (Touch panel) controller cannot handle water appropriately, because water is conductor like finger. Sensor-based equipment cannot track the position when there is a layer of water between finger and panel. That’s why the touch function is not going to […]

Sunlight Readable

High Brightness / Transflective / Optical Bonding / Surface Treatment Displays hard to read in bright sunlight  In direct sunlight, outdoor, bright conditions Most standard TFT display and monitors are rated between 200 and 300 (cd/m²). If it installed indoors, these displays are usually of sufficient brightness to be easily read. But for use in […]