E-Newsletter Issue No. 82. November, 2021 > Next Vision Display – SMART IoT HMI Solutions

Immense Oak Technologies (IOT) HMI solutions offer unparalleled versatility.

Ubique Panel integrates major industrial control functions such as GPIO, PWM, and ADC. Ubique Panel can perform the major control functions in customer’s system. Customers can leverage Ubique Panel to shorten development time and optimize system costs.

In our development platform, ADE, these control functions can be set with parameter settings or Blockly programming. ADE is truly a no-code/low-code development tool.

IOT’s HMI Solutions Support Integration of System Control Functions

For more information about Ubique Panel, please visit Technology – Ubique Panel – Immense Oak Technologies

For Ubique Panel samples and starter kits, please visit Product – Ubique Panel – Immense Oak Technologies

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