E-Newsletter Issue No. 80. August, 2021 > Partership NVD & IOT for Smart Display & PMOLED Modules

► Strategic Partership NVD & IOT for Smart Display HMI Solutions

Next Vision Display has invited Immense Oak Technologies to be a key Partner for the “highly integrated display solutions”. Our solutions are amongst the most advanced in the overall market scenario of Smart Displays, offering unique value proposition, cutting the customer development cycle time and delivering HMI. Thanks to the graphic content development GUI SW, create your user interface template is immediate!

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► Monochrome & Full color PMOLED, Touch Panel Optional

Next Vision Display is a professional OLED module supplier providing a wide range of standard & custom PMOLED: character/ graphic modules, monochrome/ full color versions, capacitive touch panel option…  
– Thin, no need of backlight
– Fast response time
– Low power consumption
– High contrast & wide view angle
– Wide temperature
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From concept to production, our technical and sales team can support you.

For more information contact us at the email address: technical@nextvisiondisplay.com