The total solution for your HMI

Ubique Panel is a total solution for your HMI. It comes with the LCD Module (LCM) and our proprietary control board. Ubique Panel offers the following advantages:



  • Only ADE is needed for designing illuminating HMIs
  • Powerful MCU for addressing a wide range of applications
  • Support extensive I/O functionalities such as GPIO, ADC, PWM, and Input-Capture
  • Support UART communication interfaces
  • USB port for downloading HMI designs from ADE
  • Add-on extension board for supporting WiFi, Ethernet, UART, RS-232, RS-485


Application: customers need advanced communication features

  • Configuration 1: RS-232
  • Configuration 2: RS-485
  • Configuration 3: RS-485, WiFi, Ethernet (Cloud-ready, IoT)
  • Extension boards will be sold separately & will be mounted on top of our current control boards

Target customers: need inputs on the user scenario for validating these configurations




For more information contact us at the email address: technical@nextvisiondisplay.com